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Harnett Engineering undertakes the design/analysis of anything that has to do with structural members in a building and civil infrastructure such as:

Site Wind Speed Assessments

In any building project wind loading must be taken into consideration and designed for as a structural load, this loading is different depending on where the site is located.

Reinforced Concrete Footings

Whatever your building project there are different types of footings used for different situations dependent on both structure and soil characteristics.

The width, depth, reinforcement requirements and spacing of footings are critical in ensuring a stable base for a structure.

Soil Characteristics

Different soils have different characteristics in strength, reactivity and permeability. It is essential to know and understand these characteristics in structural design.

Structural Components

If you are looking at knocking down a load bearing wall or extending your home you may require custom structural components, such as columns, rafters and lintels.

Portal Frames

If you are building a shed or warehouse, you will require a portal frame analysis to determine the sizing and strength of the structural members required and their connections.

Masonry Walls

Masonry walls need to be designed to AS 3700 standards and take into account structural loads, wind and earthquake loading.

Stormwater Management

When developing a site, impervious surfaces can affect its runoff characteristics. As a result a stormwater management design is required to avoid excessive and potentially damaging stormwater loads.

Precast Panels

Generally for large construction projects precast concrete panels are used. It is important to design the panels with the right reinforcement and concrete strength.

Spot Level Surveying

Before construction it is necessary to understand how the construction site is sloping so that the designers and builder know how much cut and fill is required and to work out building floor levels.

Wastewater Management

It is a requirement by SA Health to provide a wastewater management report and design for applications for septic tanks, as well as soakage trenches and irrigation design.

Retaining Walls

Any retaining wall over 1m in height requires engineering analysis of the earth pressures acting on the wall and to determine which wall application is most suitable for the site.

Structural Trusses

If your building project requires a large open space, sometimes a truss is suitable to achieve this large span.

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